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Connect with Your Audience through Mobile Application Development

Our team of skilled mobile app developers is prepared to make your business mobile-friendly as mobile applications have become an essential aspect of modern businesses. Whether it's mobile-first companies or those leveraging apps as marketing and sales channels, investing in mobile presence is now imperative.

The focus has shifted from whether to invest in mobile to exploring the best approach. The options are diverse, ranging from Responsive Web Design and Progressive Web Apps for adapting web services to mobile, to cross-platform mobile app development and native app development.

Embrace the possibilities and embark on this journey with us.

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Mobile Application Development Benefits

Increased Reach

Extend your brand's reach by connecting with users on a device they carry everywhere.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Foster deeper engagement through interactive features and personalized experiences in your mobile app.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Build lasting relationships by offering loyalty programs, exclusive content, and seamless communication through your mobile application.

Convenience and Accessibility

Provide users with the convenience of accessing your services anytime, anywhere, fostering a seamless and accessible experience.

Higher Brand Visibility

Elevate your brand's visibility by maintaining a constant presence on users' mobile devices, reinforcing brand recall and awareness.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Drive revenue growth by tapping into mobile commerce, leveraging in-app purchases, and creating a streamlined sales funnel through your mobile app.


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Native App
Mobile App

Native Mobile Application Development

To fully harness the advantages of iOS or Android devices, opting for a native mobile application will yield the most favorable outcomes. These apps are custom-tailored for each platform, ensuring optimal performance, stability, security, and functionalities. Consequently, users experience a seamless and satisfying interaction.

However, it is essential to note that separate development is required for each platform, leading to a doubling of the development time and necessitating a distributed codebase.

To meet the highest standards of iOS and Android development, we adhere to software development best practices. For Apple devices, we employ Objective-C and Swift, while for Google's OS, we utilize Java and Kotlin. Additionally, we meticulously align frameworks and architectures to each platform, ensuring exceptional performance and maintainability.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

To cater to diverse devices using a single application, cross-platform mobile app development is a viable option. You can opt for hybrid app development, which produces apps that emulate native ones, providing similar features while utilizing a shared codebase, thus minimizing development time and effort. It is worth noting that cross-platform apps may exhibit slightly lower performance compared to native counterparts.

In our cross-platform mobile app development approach, we leverage leading toolkits such as React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter. These toolkits have become industry standards, boasting robust support and the capability to create UI components, thereby enhancing development speed and efficiency.

Selecting the Right Team for Your Project

Whether you decide on native or hybrid mobile app development, it's crucial to engage a team that specializes in the specific technology required for your project. We are fully equipped to support your native projects for both iOS and Android, along with offering cross-platform mobile app development expertise using React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter.

Depending on the scale of your project and your in-house capabilities, you have the flexibility to either fully outsource the project to a reputable software house or adopt the extended team model. The latter provides an alternative to outsourcing, enabling you to hire only the specialists you need to complement your existing team.

Irrespective of the chosen cooperation model, we ensure a continuous loop of communication and progress reporting, allowing you to maintain full control over your app's development process. Your involvement and insights remain at the forefront as we work towards delivering a successful product.

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Process of Mobile App Development

Our approach relies on a well-established process to ensure timely and successful project delivery.



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Mobile App Development Cost

The total cost of your project is determined by two main factors: the delivery timeline and the number of software developers involved. Our software developers assess the project's scope and estimate the workload, then utilize hourly rates to calculate the cost of mobile app development accordingly.

When it comes to billing options in software development, we commonly offer two choices: fixed price or time and material. With fixed price billing, the budget remains constant and is not subject to changes in time. On the other hand, time and material billing accounts for the delivery time, even if it undergoes modifications throughout the project duration.

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The feedback we received from our website visitors and clients underscores its remarkable appeal. Tara Solutions' website development elevates our professional standing, instilling confidence in our firm's capabilities and reputation.

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The exceptional communication skills exhibited by Tara Solutions stand out as a noteworthy aspect of our collaboration. Nikola and Stefan consistently go above and beyond to grasp my specific requirements as a client, and they consistently deliver innovative solutions with great expertise.

Tamsin Pukonen

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In our journey to enhance efficiency and precision, partnering with Tara Solutions was a game-changer. Their expertise seamlessly integrated with our vision, propelling us to new heights.

Steve Smith

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